Our extensive range of custom, handmade titanium rings are locally produced by our titanium jewellery experts. Titanium is extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic, and their inside comfort-fit make them more comfortable to wear.

We use only the highest-grade titanium to give you your perfect ring. We can create a personalised ring by laser engraving any message or image on the inside or outside of the ring. To make it even more special we can inlay the titanium with any precious metal of your choice, such as gold, silver, or something more organic like wood, or even resin.

It is important to note that Titanium can be re-sized, but we would prefer that you provide us with the correct finger size. If you do not see something on our on our website, or if you have a special design in mind, contact us and together we can create your unique ring.

Classic Style Titanium Rings

Our Classic Titanium Rings for men is a popular choice as it is extremely light and strong, ranging in a variety of elegant and modern designs. We can custom make all the rings to fit your unique taste and personality, that means you can choose your design, finger size, metal thickness and ring width.

Black & White Titanium Rings

If you are looking for something different and want to stand out from the crowd, then our Black Titanium Ring collection is just for you. There is no such things as black titanium, we heat treat the metal to create the black colour. We also use black resin and carbon fibre with titanium to create these statement pieces. All our rings are handmade and we can custom make any ring to your unique specifications.

Gold & Silver Inlay Titanium Rings

Add extra style and elegance to your Titanium ring with a precious metal inlay. We can inlay white, yellow, or rose gold and/or silver into your ring. There are no limits to the how creative you can get as all our rings are custom made to order for any finger size. You can even switch it up by having a ring in gold with a titanium inlay.

Laser Engraved Titanium Rings

The giving and receiving of a ring are incredibly special and a symbol of your love. By adding a personalised message, your fingerprint or even your child’s drawing can make the ring a treasured keepsake for eternity. We specialise in laser engraving and can engrave on any metal of your choice from titanium to platinum, gold, silver, and even stainless steel. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Made Titanium Rings

Our Custom Made Titanium Rings  are  custom make for you , that means you can choose your own design, We can also custom made that unique  ring that you always wanted 

Flow Art Titanium Rings

These are totally unique and distinctive rings that can never be duplicated. Original pieces of artwork are inlayed in the titanium ring, and then set in resin. Select your artwork and your correct finger size to have your special, one-of-a-kind ring custom made for you.

Gemstone Titanium Rings

Create that extra special (bling) ring by having a gemstone set in your titanium ring. The setting can be made from gold or silver and the gemstone choices are endless, from your birthstone to an exquisite diamond. Due to titanium’s hardness it is an excellent metal for tension set rings. This is a beautiful setting as it focusses the attention on your gemstone or diamond.